Math.js API for Sketchware

Hello friends in this guide i will let you know how to and what is the use of or what are the benefits of using this api in sketchware.

Features by math.js:
  • Supports numbers, big numbers, complex numbers, fractions, units, strings, arrays, and matrices.
  • Is compatible with JavaScript’s built-in Math library.
  • Contains a flexible expression parser.
  • Does symbolic computation.
  • Comes with a large set of built-in functions and constants.
  • Can be used as a command line application as well.
  • Runs on any JavaScript engine.
  • Is easily extensible.
  • Open source.

Features for Sketchware to use in:
  • You can create a calculation based app which will support calculation of all kinds, e.g., a scientific calculator.
  • You can use this api to calculate some digits or euqations which are not able to be calculated by the operator or math blocks in sketchware.
  • You can create a game based on this calculation, because whether small or big, a game is majorly based on math and calculation of objects.

1. The expression to be evaluated. The expression must be url encoded.

encoded_url =,"UTF-8");
} catch (Exception e){
//this will give you a encoded url from which you can recieve result with the help of mathjs api.
//here encoded_url is a String, so you need to create a String variable encoded_url.

2. The duration per evaluation or requests for mathjs api service is limited to 10 seconds through GET method, but this time period can be decreased or in this time period you can send more request with a method of POST.

3. Major information is given by my friend Tesla II, the screenshots you see above belong to his one of the online calculation app. All sources, like source files for sketchware, .apk releases, etc. of different versions are available on the github repository of him and future updates will also available there.

More more info. contact or visit Github repository of him.

Contact/Github repository:
Mail: [email protected]
Instagram: tesla_ii_5265
Discord: @Tesla II#5265
Github Repo: TeslaII5265

Credits goes to Tesla II.


  1. Please provide some more details about This

    1. hello user, the blog was written by me, but the info. was given by Tesla II, u can contact him on:

      Mail: [email protected]
      Instagram: tesla_ii_5265
      Discord: @Tesla II#5265
      Github Repo: TeslaII5265

      i will tell him to help you the best he can.


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