Firebase setup for Phone OTP verification

Hello everyone welcome! Today in this topic I'll show to you about firebase setup for OTP verification in Sketchware. So Let's go

1.Create a new project with necessary data

2. Save and run your project

3. Install apk and now download DevTools apk to get SHA-1.

4. Go to devtools and select App info

5. Choose your apk from the list

6. Then You'll get SHA-1, Long press and copy this

7. Then go to and open your project

8. Click add app and fill the form with correct information and paste the sha-1 copied code and register your app

9.then add your app and go to Firebase authorication

10. Enable phone number from signup method.

11. Go to project setting and copy Project ID, App ID & Api key from there & add this in Sketchware Firebase manager. This app is ready now to receive otp. Thanks for visiting.


  1. It keeps saying SHA-1 KEY is used

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