Ripple effect in Drawer items

Hello everyone Welcome! Today in this topic I'll show to you about how to use ripple effect in Drawer widget. Let's start :

1. Create a new project. In this new project add drawer from "View manager"

2.Now go to Drawer xml and design your drawer here

3. Now go to Moreblock and create a Moreblock named "Ripple" and add a view variable named "view"

4. Now paste the code with add source directly block ripdr1 = new android.content.res.ColorStateList(new int[][]{new int[]{}}, new int[]{Color.parseColor("#E0E0E0")}), new"#FFFFFF")), null);

5. Go to Drawer event and add your widget where you want to show ripple effect

6. Select your widget & save

7. Go to on create event and set this code with asd block to show ripple effect. You can change the widget id  
Code :        _Ripple(_drawer_linear1);    

8. Thats all, Save and Run your Project

Thanks for visiting. Please comment below if you feel any problem related to this topic.


  1. When Textview or imageview is clicked inside linearview.... Linearview doesn't show ripple effect??
    How to show ripple effect on linearview when imageview is clicked?

    1. I think you are using event listener of imageview or textview, if true please try to use event for the linear.
      Otherwise it should be working.


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