Why my admob ads are not showing in Sketchware?

Hello There, if your admob ads are not showing, try to follow this steps:

  • Make sure that you are using ad codes/blocks like:

  • If you are getting test ads, make sure that you must be using your own ad unit id created from admob.google.com which looks like this: 

  • If you think that you have placed all the codes correctly, then you should be aware that ADS WILL ONLY SHOW IF YOUR APK IS SIGNED, thanks to sketchware that it allows to sign the apk:
  • And if you have even signed the apk, then you should wait for a week. Because when we were implementing ads in sketchub, it took 1 week to show ads automatically. Maybe Google verify your ad account before it shows ad. 

Please don't click on your ads, it will lead to ultimately ban to your account. Hope that it will be helpful to you.


  1. I did all that you said.. The real ads showed but after some days I didn't see anymore ads.. Why is that?

    1. Make sure, the traffic on your app also effects the ads.

  2. I have the same issue. It's been over a month and they're still checking my traffic. How do I fix this?


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